Monday, February 18, 2008

8 Gigabytes of Vista Goodness

So, I just bought a new computer. It has got a whopping 4GB of RAM in it. I guess that's not enough.

Tom's Hardware posted an article this morning (Vista Workshop: More RAM, More Speed) about running Windows Vista on 8GB's of RAM. Running Vista on this amount of memory is said to have some perks, such as being able to disable the page file, and run everything straight from memory. That way, you avoid having to load data from the hard drive, and you end up with a snappier and more responsive computer.

Running 8GB's of RAM forces you into 64-bit territory, so you do get a few more driver issues. I am running 64-bit Vista since my upgrade, a few weeks back (I hope to get back to that in a later blog entry), and so far I'm very happy with it. It's stable, and all programs and games I want to use work just fine. I have had a few problems, however, and the fact that I can't use my networked printer, since it lacks 64-bit drivers, is one of them.

To sum it all up,
but I don't really feel the need to upgrade my RAM just yet.

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