Monday, June 16, 2008

Three good mods for World of Warcraft

I recently started playing WoW again. I had taken a break during the last period of school, when I didn't really have time to grind mobs.

Well, since it's such a nice day out, I thought I'd write a bit about the UI Mods I use in World of Warcraft. I know quite a few people that actually play WoW without any mods at all, which I'd never do. UI mods can make a lot of the things you do in WoW a lot easier and more effective.

So, here are a few of my favorite mods, in no perticular order:

  • Auctioneer - This addon will get the money you need for your next mount. I remember when I first started using the auction house, trying to set a price at the level I thought it should be. Well, Auctioneer gives you the information you need to set the correct price. It scans all the items in the auction house, and over time gives you a very good idea of the market value for an item. It even recommends a price for you, so all you have to do is go to the "Appraiser" tab on the auction house window, and it will set the right price and a good time limit for you. Auctioneer also lets you catch items that sell at a too low price. Perhaps someone has put in something that is worth a lot more than they're selling it for. Auctioneer already has a good snapshot of the market value of most items, and finds all those cheap items that you can resell for the right (higher) price. Auctioneer has lots of other features as well. This is one of the must-have addons for WoW

  • QuestHelper - This mod checks out what quests you've got in your log, and sets the optimum route for you to finish them. An arrow on the minimap then shows the way to your next objective, how long it wil take to go there and what you are supposed to do. Just keep following that arrow, and you'll have finished and turned in all those quests quickly and effectively! Sure, you could just read the quests and make your own route, but this way you won't even have to bother. And you won't forget any quests either! It's very customizable, and lets you set the priority for different quests. It can also filter quests by area and level range. Perhaps you want to finish all the quests in Ashenvale before going somewhere else, and that is no problem with this addon.

  • Titan Panel - This mod gives you up to two bars where you can display different kinds of information. It sits at the edge of your screen. I use it to display my current location (it shows both the name and the coordinates), my current XP gain (with the time to the next level up, at the current rate of XP gain), my current gold, item durability and honor. It can also give you a lot of other nice information, like how much it will cost to repair all your items and how much money you've earned (or lost!) this session. It has a lot of other plugins as well. Oh, and it can also displays a digital clock (very important, that!).
You can find many other WoW addons on sites like WoWUI and Curse.